Company Profile

What Separates BJL Construction From The Competition?

Experienced and involved management, along with our dedicated and experienced employees, guarantees that BJL gets the job done - efficiently and reliably.  You can depend on our quality workmanship.

What Special Recognition Has BJL Received?

BJL's founder, B.J. Lacy, Jr., was selected in 1988 as the Nation's Minority Contractor of the Year, highlighting a career of personal commitment to excellence and consistency.  Our company has also been singled out for local, state, and regional honors in recognition of our commitment to quality service.  And, we are pleased to be an 8(a) Certified Firm.

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BJL Construction Company Inc. 919.863.4252 and/or 910.988.1707
FAX :  910.488.3108  |  Postal address : P.O. Box 74 Bladenboro, NC 28320

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